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Current members

Paulo Tabuada, Vijay K. Dhir Professor of Engineering.
Matthew Philippe (Ph.D. Université Catholique de Louvain), Postdoctoral researcher (2018-).
Omar Hussien (M.Sc. and B.Sc. Cairo University), Ph.D. student (2013 - ).
Mehrdad Showkatbakhsh (B.Sc. Sharif University), Ph.D. student (2013 - ), co-advised with Prof. Diggavi.
Marcus Lucas (B.Sc. Caltech, M.Sc. Cal State LA), Ph.D. student (2017-).
Lucas Fraile Vazquez (B.Sc. Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, Argentina), Ph.D. student (2017-).

Calvin John (B.Sc. UCSC), M.Sc. student (2017-).
Alimzhan Sultangazin (B.Sc. Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan), M.Sc. student (2017-).

Former members

Sabbatical visitors

Raphael Jungers, Professor, sabbatical leave from UCLouvain (2016 - 2017).

Postdoctoral researchers

Yasser Shoukry (M.Sc. and B.Sc. Ain Shams University, Ph.D. UCLA), Postdoctoral researcher (2015 - 2017), co-advised with Prof. Seshia at UC Berkeley and Prof. Pappas at UPenn. Now Assistant Professor at University of Maryland.
Eric Dallal (Ph.D. University of Michigan), Postdoctoral researcher (2014 -2016). Now at AIR Worldwide.
Daniel Neider (Ph.D. RWTH Aachen), Postdoctoral researcher (2015 -2016).
Matthias Rungger (Ph.D. University of Kassel and B.Sc. TUMunich), (2012 - 2014). Now postdoctoral researcher at TUMunich, Germany.
Elaine Render, (2010 - 2011). Co-advised with Prof. Majumdar.
Pritam Roy, (2010 - 2011). Co-advised with Prof. Majumdar. Now at Calypto Design Systems.
Ramkrishna Pasumarthy (2008 - 2009). Now Assistant Professor at IIT Madras, India.
Giordano Pola  (2006 - 2007). Now Assistant Professor at University of l'Aquila.

Ph.D. students
Ayca Balkan (B.Sc. Middle East Technical University), Ph.D. student (2010 - 2017). Now at Medtronic.
Yasser Shoukry (M.Sc. and B.Sc. Ain Shams University), Ph.D. student (2011 - 2015), co-advised with Prof. Srivastava. Now Assistant Professor at University of Maryland.
Sina Yamac Caliskan (M.Sc. Bilkent University and B.Sc. Middle East Technical University), Ph.D. student (2010 - 2015). Now at Mathworks.
Anne-Kathrin Schmuck, Visiting Ph.D. Student from TUBerlin, Germany (March and December 2014).
Jose Araujo, visiting Ph.D. student from KTH, Sweden (Winter 2012 - Summer 2012).
Bruno Lacerda, visiting Ph.D. student from ISR/IST, Portugal, (Fall 2011).
Tijs Donkers, visiting Ph.D. student from TU/e, The Netherlands (Fall 2010). Now Assistant Professor at TU/e.
Manuel Mazo Jr., (2007 - 2010). Now Assistant Professor at TU Delft, The Netherlands.
Adolfo Anta, (2006 - 2010). Now at GE Global Research, Munich, Germany.
Soheil Samii, Visiting Ph.D. student from Linkoping University, Sweden, (Spring 2009 and Summer 2009).

M.Sc. students
Bastian Schürmann (B.Sc. TUKaiserslautern), M.Sc. student (2013-2014). Now Ph.D student at TUMunich, Germany.
Suzanne Weller, visiting M.Sc. student from TUDelft (Fall 2013).
Hamza Fawzi (B.Sc. École des Mines de Paris), (2010 - 2012). Now a lecturer at the University of Cambridge.
Pitcha Prasitmeeboon, (2010 - 2011). Now a Ph.D. student at Columbia University.
Yusuf Yucel (B.Sc. Bilkent University), (2009 - 2010). Currently at Rockwell Collins.
James Marcelin (2009 - 2010).

Anna Davitian (B.Sc. UCLA), (2007 - 2009), co-advised with Prof. Kaiser. Currently at AeroVironment.
Andre Dias (B.Sc. Instituto Superior Técnico), (2007). 

Undergraduate students
Jean Auriol, Undergraduate student from MINES ParisTech, Summer 2014.
Caron Zhang, undergraduate student (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012).
Sara Asaadi, Undergraduate student (Winter 2010).
Garik Rostomyan, Undergraduate student (Summer 2009 - Winter 2010). Now a M.Sc. student at UCLA.
Annie Chen, Undergraduate student (Winter 2009 and Spring 2009). Now a Ph.D. student at MIT.
Wenhui Zhang, visiting undergraduate student from Fudan University, China (Summer 2008).  
Catvu Bui (Winter 2008 and Spring 2008) now at DiCon Fiberoptics.
Yuan Fu (Winter 2008 and Spring 2008).
John Larson  (Winter 2008 and Spring 2008).
Shilloam Won (Winter 2008 and Spring 2008).
Michael Dokhanchy (Fall 2007).

High School students
Megan Ross, visiting high school student from Chadwick High, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA (Summer 2008).